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Customs regulations in the Republic of Croatia are almost entirely harmonised with EU standards, but the value of those non-commercial items that are brought into the country for personal use and are exempt from tax duty or PDV (VAT), is limited to only 300 HRK (kuna).

Foreign and local currency and cheques may be freely taken in and out of the country by both foreign and Croatian citizens with foreign residence, but transfers of an amount exceeding 10,000 Euros must be declared to a customs official.

Valuable professional equipment and other technical devices must also be declared to a customs official at the border crossing. Tax is refunded to foreign nationals when leaving the country – for individual goods purchased in Croatia, for amounts of at least 500 HRK, upon the presentation of a PDV-P or “Tax-cheque” form that has been verified by a customs official.

For additional information please contact the Customs Administration (

The import of live animals is possible only with the necessary veterinary documentation that certifies the animals’ state of health. Cats and dogs must be fitted with an electronic identification system (microchip).

Up to five pets can be imported at any border crossing, but more than five pets can only be brought in at a border crossing where there is the facility for a veterinary inspection to be carried out.