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On the road

– Avoid traffic jams during the peak tourism season (at weekends or holidays)

– Be well-rested when travelling

– Adjust your speed to the conditions on the road and the speed limits

– In the event of a traffic jam, be patient (take sufficient quantities of water)

At sea

– In case of an accident or seapollution, call 9155 (National Headquarters for Search and Rescue at Sea) or 112

– Before setting sail, inform yourself about the weather forecast, especially in the Adriatic

-While swimming, stay in sight of other swimmers

– Inform family and friends of the location where you will be diving and mark the area appropriately

– Moderate your exposure to the sun and use protective sunscreens

– Do not overestimate your own capabilities

– Have sufficient quantities of water with you

Fire prevention

Check that you have undertaken all the necessary measures to prevent fire! Do not throw burning or inflammable objects into the environment! Observe the signs forbidding the lighting of fires! Take care that your parked vehicles do not obstruct fire-fighting approaches and access roads.

What should you do if there is a fire?

– Immediately notify the fire brigade of the fire on the telephone number 93 or call for assistance on 112!

– Use a hand-held fire extinguisher (if one is available) and only attempt to extinguish the fire if doing so does not endanger you or others

– Notify people in the area about the fire


Outdoor activities

– Tell relatives or friends the route and plan of your journey

– Walk on marked paths and trails

– Take sufficient quantities of water with you

– Prepare adequate clothing andfootwear

– Prepare mobile telephone devices

– Monitor weather forecasts

– Handle open fires carefully and in line with regulations

– Do not throw cigarette butts or flammable objects outside