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This is a typical Dalmatian meal usually served for feasts like birthdays, religious or state holidays.
¾ hours 40 min prep


1000 g beef (in one piece)
2 cups red wine vinegar
150 g dried plums (no seeds)
50 g garlic
100 g dried smoked bacon
2 cups red wine
80 g onions
80 g carrots
80 g celery root
80 g parsley roots
2 cups sweet wine (Croatian“prošek” )
80 g tomato jam
80 g olive oil
100 g parmesan cheese (grated)

Meat must be in one piece, preferably older cow. Clean all the fat pieces or little vascular. Cover the meat with vinegar and leave it overnight.

Next morning peal the garlic, half of it cut in little sticks, the other half mince finely. Do the same with bacon. Using very thin knife, put garlic, bacon and seedless plumes into meat.

Fry it shortly in a heavy pan making sure that all sides have been done.
Take out the meat and on the same fat (olive oil) sauté finely minced onion, celery root, parsley root, garlic and bacon.

When it is done, put back the meat. Mix tomato jam and wine together and pour over the meat and vegetables. Sauté it until meat softens (it will take some time) pouring water if evaporates.

When it is finely done, put out the meat and strain the vegetables. Season with salt and pepper, add “prošek”.

Cut the meat in portions (vertical to fibres) and put it back in vegetables. Cook it for 10 more minutes. Serve with potato gnocchi, noodles or mashed potato. Cover with grated parmesan.