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Cyprus is an island destination on the Mediterranean. The island is a pristine paradise with a host of attractions and amenities to offer a supremely rewarding experience for holidayers. The island enjoys sunshine whole year through, and the waters here stay warm too.

The refreshing hospitality of the islanders is another feature Cyprus can boast on. The island has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, from pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, to the lofty mountain tops and verdant plains. Cyprus will certainly rejuvenate all your senses.

Cyprus has a remarkable range of activities on offer for the traveler. This is among the most complete of destinations, with activities to suit all age groups and needs. The beaches here offer a host of water sports – everything from body surfing to sailing to scuba diving to surfing and others.

Another popular thing to do is to head to the thick forests and lofty mountainous regions in Cyprus. You will find a diverse variety of animals here. The mountain trails offer some superb hiking.

In addition to the huge array of beaches as well as other outdoor activities, the island of Cyprus also has a significant history and culture. The art history of the island is simply impressive and dates back to antiquity. The architecture here is just as impressive and goes back to the Byzantine era. There are numerous museums and art galleries here that offer you insightful glimpses into the cultural history of the island.

If you are a golfer, Cyprus will definitely appeal to you. There are a number of championship golf courses on the island.

Cyprus is thus a destination unparalleled in attractions, and is among the most complete in terms of rewarding experiences to suit travelers of all genres.