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The world’s best known golf-course designer and famous golfer, Australian Greg Norman and the Zagreb company Razvoj golf have recently introduced a golf park project worth 6.5 billion HRK.

In the very first public presentation, it was said that two golf courses, with 18 and 6 holes respectively, are envisaged on 310 hectares on the Srđ plateau, of the highest professional standards, as well as a golf academy with a practice court, to be lead by Greg Norman himself.

Also envisaged is the construction of numerous sports and recreational facilities such as an equestrian club, a wellness centre, cycling and walking paths, an outside amphitheatre, the reconstruction of the fortress Imperial on Srđ, heavily damaged in the war, and “accompanying accommodation capacities”, villas, hotels, suites and restaurants, spread over 27 hectares. During the drafting of the urban plan, the dilemma was whether to construct 250 or 300 luxury facilities in the area.

According to the plans of Razvoj golf, construction could commence in February of 2011, if all conditions necessary for launching such a great project are met. Along with the already mentioned 6.5 million HRK investment, an additional 640 million needs to be invested in missing infrastructure on the plateau Srđ. Investors and the local government believe that this project will extend Dubrovnik’s tourist season to 10 to 11 months and creates conditions for a shift in the structure of visitors.

Greg Norman has stated that Srđ is one of the three most beautiful locations he has ever worked on and pointed out that Dubrovnik, as the “pearl of the Mediterranean”, has a great development future with the Golf park, which could, according to him, host its first professional golf tournament with the greatest world’s golfers two years after its construction.

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