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The leading British tour-operator Thomson Holidays has recently awarded the hotels Eden, Istra and Park, owned by the Maistra hotel-company, with golden medals for quality and service. The award “4T Best Thomson Summer Accommodation” was awarded to Eden for the 11th time and to Istra for the second time, while hotel Park was awarded with the “3T Best Thomson Summer Accommodation” for the sixth time in a row.

Thomson Holidays is part of the TUI Group, one of the leading tourism companies in the world, and every year it hands out the “Golden Medal” awards based on the results of surveys conducted among its guests. The location, quality of service, neatness of the facility, comfort-level of the rooms, food-quality, offering of activities, price-quality ratio and general satisfaction of the guests are rated, which is crucial for getting the award.

Maistra points out that the awards are all the more significant seeing as British visitors and their share in world destinations represent a sort of indicator of quality of a destination. Last season, British tourists made up 17 % of arrivals in relation to visitors from other countries in the awarded Maistra hotels.

Istria County Tourist Association