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Though Paris boasts of many churches, each one of them have their specific and fascinating points and it is no different with the Église Saint-Augustin de Paris. This church lies on the Ville arrondissement (administrative districts) of the city. The design of a greater part of this massive church is attributed to Baron Haussmann, the Prefect of Paris.

This architectural wonder was constructed between the years 1860-1871 by the famous architect Victor Baltard and is built in a mixture of the Byzantine and eclectic style. Boasting of a height of 80 meters, it is considered at one of the first big buildings, constructed about a metal frame, in the city of Paris.

There are various things that are worth viewing inside the chapel including the three manual organs. As you wander around the church, a statue of Joan of Arc will greet you. This statue was erected in the year 1896, long before the church was built.

Check out the facades and be prepared to be greeted with some awesome sights as you get a view of the four evangelists. Look further above them and you will find featured the twelve apostles along with a rosette window.

Do not miss the stained glass windows that display martyrs and bishops of the first century.