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Paris is famous for various tourist sights including churches like the Église Saint-Sulpice. This Roman Catholic church lies on the eastern side of the Place Saint Sulpice. Dedicated to Sulpitius the Pious, Saint-Sulpice church is the second biggest of its type in the city.

Apart from its other features, the church is famous for its organ, constructed by Aristide Cavaille Coll, that features one hundred and two speaking stops, making it the biggest organ in Europe at the time it was constructed. For those who do not know, this church was constructed on the same site where a Romanesque church, constructed during the thirteenth century, stood.

The parish priest, Jean Jacques Olier, is attributed as the founder of the new structure. Work on the current structure begun in 1646 and it was nearly completed by the year 1732. Keep a lookout for the two huge shells that lie on either side of the main door. The Venetian Republic gifted the same to King Francis I.

Also check out for a faded sign that lays just over the main door which reads ’Le Peuple Francais Reconnoit L’Etre Suprême Et L’Immortalité de L’Âme.’

Do not miss out on the murals of Eugene Delacroix that one can view on the walls of the side chapel.