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Have you ever wondered what it would be like, walking with that special person along the soft white sands of a remote island paradise? Perhaps you prefer watching the beauty of a magnificent sunset as you enjoy an exotic drink in a beachside cabana, or maybe your idea of relaxing is just being able to stay in bed all day, not worrying about any responsibilities for a while. If you are needing to get away from the chaos of daily life for a while, then let me invite you to grab your bags and head for the “layed back” lifestyle of Jamaica!

The island of Jamaica is the perfect place to get away for a while and unwind. The land of Bob Marley, Rum drinks, soft white sandy beaches and having no place to be, is calling you with it’s seductive chants. It is truly an island paradise!

With miles and miles of fantastic beaches along calm crystal clear waters, as well as hidden caves to explore and picture postcard waterfalls, you are sure to enjoy your stay. If you are looking for a more active vacation, Jamaica is not without some great activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, waterskiing, parasailing, canoeing, jet skiing and kayaking.

If you prefer to enjoy your vacation on dry land, you will find everything from hiking to golf,cricket,bicycling, and horseback riding. If none of those things fit your plans, there is always the ever popular sport of people watching, as well as swimming pools and hot tubs. No matter what you like, you are sure to find it here.

Originally “discovered” by Christopher Columbus, the island of Jamaica was taken from the Spanish by a British invasion in the 1650’s. Under British rule it soon prospered and by the eighteenth century it was known as the “the Jewel of the British Crown”. The inhabitants of Jamaica were not entirely happy with the British landowners however, as years of a cruel and oppressive slavery system took it’s tole on the people, and they began a revolution which would go on for years. Finally in 1962, the people of Jamaica were able to win their independence from Britain and become a self governing nation.

Today, the island has gained a reputation as the place to escape and relax. You will find world class accommodations here as well as great restaurants and bars. When you are looking to go out at night, Jamaica is ready with dancing halls and the music of great artists like Ziggy Marley and Harry Belafonte, as well as the best Reggae music anywhere.


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