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Ensconced in the surroundings of the best visual delights, the Puerto Piramides is a lovely region in the Valdes Peninsula and has the ideal ambience for the best kind of travel pleasures. This is the place where the Patagonian steppe lands contrast with the beautiful Atlantic waters and give ideal travel attractions to all visiting this unusual and unique part of the world.

The Valdes Peninsula is today a World Heritage Site and was declared so sometime in the year 1999. This narrow strip of natural beauty is a total delight for any tourist and has the best salt deposits and the most arid soil in this part of the world. With the right kind of ecological balance this provides the ultimate scenery for the wildlife population and also for the best kind of travel sights.

Puerto Piramides

The southern right whale chooses this place as the place to give birth and also breed. So get ready to watch these orcas arrive at these beach venues and also the dolphins dominating the beach locales every year. Tourists in fact come from afar just to see this lovely and beautiful sight which is so typically fascinating.


Puerto Piramides lies around 27 kilometers from the Carlos Ameghino Isthmus and is a lovely sea town with the most magnificent transparent waters. With the wildest beauties and the most interesting sights that one could see, the softness of the sands in the beaches and the huge cliffs that protect the entire land only add to the travel delights here. The place has got the name Puerto Piramides only because of the pyramid shaped cliffs which form the main landscape here. There are a lot of fossilized invertebrates that are found here and this date back to as long as 9 million years.

Puerto Piramides is the only permanent settlement in this peninsula. The tourists who come here get absolutely enthralled and enchanted by the surroundings and they let themselves flow with the tide of pleasures. The southern right whale has the entire infrastructure to be able to accommodate all those who come to visit this place in search of excitement, fun, and thrilling escapades. Whale watching has thus become a major activity here and people love to come and also enjoy the water sport activities like scuba diving, hiking, sailing, sport fishing, sand boarding and mountain biking. Windsurfing is another adventurous activity that tourists enjoy here. With the dry weather and the little rainfall that the region has, the temperatures vary between warm to hot to mild.


Puerto Madryn has regular flights to this place and people can go to Puerto Piramides by the shuttle from Puerto Madryn. National route 3 connects Puerto Piramides with Buenos Aires. This area lies under the protected area category so those coming here have to pay a charge to enter the city.

Puerto Piramides whale watching

Most tourists and nature lovers come here to get that one photograph of the whale jumping and to just enjoy the presence of these giant cetaceans. There is a lot of enthusiasm for this activity and one gets all prepared with life jackets and waterproof coats to enjoy this activity. The right whales are spotted in the months from June to December. This is the time they reach the Nuevo gulf so that they can mate or bear their calves.

It is an immensely memorable experience to see the whale’s surface from the water and go down and it is another interesting experience to capture it on camera.

Puerto Piramides with its magnificent surroundings and intriguing locales is a great place to go to and enjoy.