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When in France try and make the time to take a ferry to Caen. Since France is an internationally popular tourist destination, there are also France ferries from some European destinations Ferries to France Caen are now quite popular.

The port of Caen is a relatively new port for France. It’s location makes it an ideal place for you to start your vacation into Europe. A number of France ferries come to Caen. This little city has its origins in the 11th century during the reign of William the Conqueror. By itself it is a good France travel destination as it is an ancient city with a number of good historical buildings and sights.

There are a number of ferries that come to France from UK and Ireland. These ferries to France Caen operate from a number of ports such as Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth. You can choose from leisurely ships to those that are high speed. Some liners also offer catamarans which can be an experience in itself.

Caen, church of Saint Etienne, Abbaye Aux Hommes

You will find most high speed services like that of Brittany operate between March and September. You can get to Caen in little more than an hour. If you decide to get onto the Normandie Express, the trip will feel like a full fledged cruise with shops, a restaurant, a video game arcade and a foreign exchange bureau.

Another great aspect of most ferries to France Caen is that you will also find a number of short haul accommodation offers on board. This could be for those with nursing children or those with disabilities and others who would just like to relax on this short trip. Most cabins on board ferries come with air-conditioning, cable TV and clean bathrooms. These accommodations also come in levels with executive style suites to more economical sharing basis styles.