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France is known for its great food and wine, the jet-set lifestyle along the French Riviera, skiing in the Alps, the Palace of Versailles and who can forget the romance and magic of Paris. These are just a few reasons why this nation is convincingly the top tourist destination in the world. It is the vast array of holiday niches that France has within its grasp that makes it so popular.

The country naturally caters for every type of holiday maker; those looking for a simple beach holiday, ski enthusiasts, the high rollers, religious pilgrims and those simply looking for a taste of French history and culture – it is all so easily available.

Biarritz, Aquitaine

The transport links between the UK and France and the ease at which we can now jump across the English Channel mean that it is always an option when planning a trip abroad, especially when travelling from the capital. Rail, road and air are all an option when travelling from London. Rail and flying can get you to specific destinations with ease, or you could plan to drive with the increasingly competitive rates of car hire London. Thanks to the Channel Tunnel, London and Paris are well connected by motorways, so once you have mastered driving on the right hand side of the road you can make your way to Gustave Eiffel’s masterpiece and soak up all that the most beautiful city in the world has to offer.

France is also very popular for camping holidays; again this has become more viable thanks to the improved travel network with the UK. Camping and caravanning holidays are an ideal choice for families with Normandy and Brittany amongst the most popular places for Brits, mainly due to the proximity of ferry ports but also due to the facilities on offer in towns such as Carnac, Benodet and Perros-Guirec along the coast.

My advice is not to look so far afield when on our doorstep we have practically all types of holidays for all types of people – embrace France and all it has to offer.