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What is your opinion about viewing some of the natural beauties that France has on offer for you? It is time for you to get away from the concrete jungles of the cities and take a stroll through the national parks of France. There are a total of nine such parks in this country and they are briefly covered below:

Pyrenees, Troumouse Circus mountains

Cévennes National Park: This park is located in the southern part of France in the Languedoc Roussillon zone. A maze of winding rivers, hill slopes, and deep valleys is what makes this park stand apart from the others. The slopes of the hills are full of mulberry and chestnut trees. Each bend in this park reveals a new surprise for the visitors. Apart from being a Heaven for lovers of nature, it also provides glimpses of architectural delights.

Écrins National Park: This park is situated in the south eastern region of France and is a mountainous region in the Alps, north of Gap and south of Grenoble. It is a delight among climbers and hikers with more than 750,000 people visiting in on an annual basis. This park boasts of lush meadows, beautiful scenery, mountain peaks, and rushing streams. A number of exhilarating walks entices visitors.

Guadeloupe National Park: Get away from the humdrum of daily life by visiting this abode of nature. Look around and you shall view greenery everywhere, interspersed with waterfalls. Wild orchid, epiphytic leaves, tree ferns and many other plant species exist amongst this greenery. This location is also a favorite amongst those who are interested in exploring canyons, mountain biking, trekking, and other nature based leisure activities.

Guiana Amazonian Park: Take a trip into the laps of Mother Nature when you visit the Guiana Amazonian Park that covers an area of two million hectares. This park was formed in the year 2007 and is arguably one of the largest rainforest parks in the world. There are so many things to do over here including bird watching, horseback riding, river trips, jungle trekking, and canoeing. The best time to visit this park is between August to December.

Mercantour National Park: This park that consists of 600 kilometers of marked footpaths is yet another favorite amongst tourists with more than 8 million visitors visiting it each year. The total area covered by this park includes a number of valleys. Tourists will be stunned by the scenery in this zone which is amongst the best to be found in France. Enjoy your time over here by walking along the woodlands and lower meadows. Experienced tourists can try out the tough mountain tracks.

Port-Cros National Park: There are three different trails in this park and you can select the one that suits you the best. Discover the exquisite Port Cros vegetation through the botanical trail. If you dare, climb the summit of the hills through the history trail. Lovers of marine life should opt for the third trail that introduces them to the marine environment.

The other national parks of France are the Pyrenees National Park, the Reunion National Park, and the Vanoise National Park.