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Gospić is located in the middle of the Ličko field, one of the largest karst fields in Croatia, at 562 m above sea-level, at the intersection of several roads and the banks of three rivers: Lika, Novčica and Bogdanica.

It is assumed that it was named after the Latin word “Hospitium”, meaning lodging or inn, and was mentioned for the first time in 1604.

The town is surrounded by an oasis of nature, and as a tourist destination it offers the possibility of active tourism through team-building programs in which visitors can participate in abseiling, trekking, paintball, jeep safari, horseback riding, rural Olympics, archery, riding carriages, walking, adventurous tours of the Velebit mountain, canoe safari, riding boats along the canyon of the river Lika and the lake Kruščica and speleological adventures.

Gospic panorama

Hunting, fishing and mountaineering enthusiasts will certainly enjoy in this area and in its preserved rich flora and fauna as well as in the harmony between man and nature.

Lika-Senj Tourist Association

Town of Gospić Tourist Association

(photo: INekic)