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“The Isle of Spice”, as Grenada is referred to, is a tropical island located in the Caribbean, and it is a sovereign state, which comprises three big islands, and several other minuscule islands. The three major islands are Grenada, Petit Martinique and Carriacou. Grenada is near Trinidad and Tobago, which lies in its south east. Venezuela is to the south west, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are to the north of Grenada.

One of the world’s largest exporters of spice, Granada got its name because of its wealth of spices, and Grenada is major source of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, mace and coco. There are more spices grown here per square mile than any other location in the world.

More than 20 % of the worlds exports of spice are from Grenada. Having a total area of about three hundred and fifty square kilo meters ( about one hundred and thirty square miles ), approximately 110, 000 people inhabit the island of Grenada. The capital of Grenada is St George’s.

The island of Grenada is one of the most under rated but heavenly islands in the Caribbean, and the thick forests, pristine beaches, gushing waterfalls, undulating hills, verdant farmland make this island one of the loveliest Caribbean Islands. Grenada is a heaven for water sport aficionados, with a plethora of activities, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and many more being loved here. Some of the best diving spots can be had here, and the gentle winds and calm waters make sailing another excellent pastime.

The Isle of Spice is indeed one of the spiciest islands on earth in more ways than one. Grenada has an ages long tradition of being a culture where music, dance and food is loved, and the intriguing traditions and culture of the inhabitants make this island one of the richest and one with the most integrity when looked at from a cultural point of view.

Grenada has a profusion of attractions for a visitor to the Island, including historical monuments including forts, forests, lakes, waterfalls, vast spice plantations, exquisite gardens, rum breweries ( sampling is allowed and is generous!), a collection of American Indian Petroglyphs ( rock engravings ), old plantation houses, and a lot more attractions. And nothing has been yet said about the sublime beaches this island country has been blessed in abundance with. The unsullied beaches, with pristine snow white sands, and crystal clear turquoise waters, are a treat to the eye of the beholder.
Grand Etang Nature Reserve

The well known Crater Lake is located in the Grand Etang Nature Reserve, and the reserve is situated in the parish of St. Andrew. The reserve is visited by many tourists who come here to see the Crater Lake, which is a really scenic location. Many other attractions are also there in the Grand Etang Nature Reserve. Mt Qua Qua is another favorite, and this is a mountain which is located within the reserve, and is preferred for climbing and trekking.

Mt. St. Catherine

Mt St Catherine is the highest mountain in the island. It stands at a total height of 2756 feet ( 840 meters ).
Grenada’s beaches

Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge Bay, Levera Beach, Bathway Beach,Black Bay Beach, Fort George and Fort Frederick are the best loved of Grenada’s beaches.

Water Falls of Grenada

Concord Waterfalls
The Concord Waterfalls are a group of waterfalls, consisting of 3 waterfalls. The Concord falls are located in St John.

Annandale Waterfall
Annandale is a waterfall located in the district of St. George.

Mt. Carmel Waterfall
Also known as Marquis Falls, Mt Carmel is the highest waterfall in Grenada, and is located about two miles to the south of Grenville. There are two falls than fall from more than 70 feet.

Seven Sister Waterfalls
The Seven Sister waterfalls consist of 7 waterfalls and are located near the Grand Etang Nature Reserve in St. Andrew. The hike here is pretty scenic and a trip here makes for a nice enjoyable experience.

Honeymoon Waterfall
A sheltered waterfall, which is hidden in the rain forest nearby Seven Sister Waterfalls, this is a gem of a waterfall, and many visitors completely miss this.

River Antoine Rum Distillery
This is the most ancient factory producing Rum in the entire Western hemisphere. There is much to see, and the water wheel that is still used, is an interesting sight.

Clark’s Court Distillery
The Clark’s Court Distillery is a brewery located in the district of St. George. The variety of products related to rum that the distillery produces is renowned.
Plantations and Factories

Belmont Estate
The Belmont Estate is in St Patrick, which can be accessed by driving for about one hour from St. George. The route is pretty scenic and there are quite a few natural attractions on the way. A fully functional cocoa plantation, the Belmont Estate dates back to the 17 t h century. Guests get a chance to take part and watch the operations of the estate, which grows organic cocoa for The Grenada Chocolate Company, with which the estate has an agreement. The Grenada Chocolate Company are the makers of some of the finest organic dark chocolate in the world.

Dougladston Estate
Dougladston estate is the most ancient of Grenada’s Spice Plantations and is nearby Gouyave in the St John Parish.

Gouyave Nutmeg Factory
This is another must see, and the Gouyave Nutmeg factory has a range of interesting trips that provide fascinating insights into the working of a nutmeg factory.
Other Attractions

This is a beautiful market that is typical of the Caribbean and there are numerous shops selling good quality spices, fruits and vegetables, and the spice hall which is newly renovated is located here. Located in St Georges, the Marketplace is a must do, if you want to shop for some spices at reasonable prices.

Carib’s Leap
The Carib’s leap is a point with much historical significance as this was the spot where the last Carib Indians took the plunge off a cliff. This is situated in the northern region of the Island.