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It is high time that you diverted your attention to the Guimet Museum. This is perhaps the only museum outside of Asia that boasts the largest amount of Asian collections.

It might be interesting for visitors to learn that this museum, founded by an industrialist, Emile Etienne Guimet, was initially located in Lyon. The Guimet Museum was relocated to Paris, in the year 1885, after being handed over to the state.

Those who are interested in the religions of the Far East, including Buddhism, will be enthralled by the collections of this museum. Of special interest for visitors are the exquisite collections of Japanese and Chinese porcelain.

Even though this museum is famous for its collections from the Far East, visitors will also find exhibits from other regions like Rome, Greece and ancient Egypt. Do not miss the Pantheon Bouddhique, which is famous all over the world for its religious artworks. From time to time, displays of other museums are also exhibited over here.

Some of the notable exhibits in this museum include the `Standing Buddha’, the `Gandhara Buddha,’ `Hellenistic decorative scrolls,’ and much more. Quite a number of artifacts are from India and Pakistan too.