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Are you planning your holiday destination? Why not go to Norway where you can enjoy an unusual privacy with such unpopulated Nordic country.

The country has only 4.8 million people sporadically well distributed in its 386,000 square kilometer minus the mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes. Ten percent of which is living in the capital Norway. It can surely offer a lot of holiday opportunities activities to spend a vacation. Stretching from the Skagerrak in southern Denmark, passing through Arctic Circle all the way to northwards of Barrents Sea and the Russian border.

Norway is a composition of breathtaking sceneries and historic towns and villages. One example of a frequented city in Norway is the historic Bergen. While you are planning your holiday, you might want to check out what Norway can offer you and read this article further.

Have you heard of the Vigeland Park? This is a popular attraction in Oslo, which by the way, is a city with several attractive outdoors and inhabited by friendly individuals.

Vigeland Park is a place to find almost 200 sculptures made by Gustav Vigeland. With Oslo’s cold temperature, walking in this park will relax your body and mind seeing various work of art.

Not only that, Oslo has a district consisting of built historical edifices. The Frogner district itself is full of fine museums and monuments.

An example of a medieval age castle and fortress is the Akershus Slott & Festning. It was built in 1300 and reconstructed several times as a result of attacks over the centuries.

If you are going to Norway, you should not miss the city of Bergen. It is the gateway to the western fjords. Here you can see the Sognefjord, which is Norway’s deepest and longest fjord, around 1300 kilometer below sea level and 200 meters long.

You may also visit the magnificent Jostedalsbreen glacier and the stunning waterfalls at Geirangerfjord. If you are that adventurous, you might be interest with Trollveggen near Ĺndalsnes. It is a craggy summit considered to be the ultimate challenge by many Norwegian mountain climbers.

The third reason to spend a holiday in Norway is to experience the Oslo-Bergen railway. It is 291 mile train journey passing through magnificent mountain ranges and the exposed Hardanger plateau.

Another reason to visit Norway is the Tromse. It is the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’ with a scenic backdrop of snow-capped mountains. It has a lively town with street music, cultural events and a huge number of pubs. The town itself is worth visiting because of it has a few period buildings. The Tromsř Museum, on the other hand, is a best place to learn about the Lapp culture.

Now, how to travel around Norway is important information for you. In Norway, you can travel by air to get there, bus, rail, ferry, car, and cycling. There is also an extensive bus network with routes connecting almost every city and rural areas. Meanwhile, national rail system is limited but it is worth checking out their underground rail system and excellent tram service.

Now, plan your holiday trip to Norway and take down their special holidays. The Constitution Day celebrated every 17th of May and Midsummer’s Eve every 23rd of June are one of the most celebrated holidays in Norway.