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There are many places to consider when you are planning an all inclusive vacation, but none of them should be at the top of the list besides Iberostar Grand Rose Hall Jamaica. If you are not sure of why this should be your first choice, you should keep reading.

When you have access to the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is a great idea to get a room that gives you spectacular views. There are 189 suites in this hotel and they all give you great views of the garden area or the water. In fact, 104 of these suites have direct access to the beach, which means it will not take you very long to roll out of bed and take your place on the sand.

Each room at Iberostar Grand Rose Hall Jamaica is loaded with amenities. You will have access to things like European linens, a massage tub, a DVD player and satellite television. If you are tired of hanging out in your room and you want to take advantage of what the hotel has to offer, you should think about taking advantage of all of the entertainment offered at the hotel. Whether you are a tennis buff or in need of dance lessons, you will have a ball here. These are just two of the many activities that are offered.

Do not worry about getting hungry. Whether you have a taste for Jamaican specialties, Italian cuisine or Asian fare, there are restaurants here that can accommodate you. Whether you want to try one of the four full-service restaurants or one of the two buffets, it is completely your decision.

There are a lot more things offered at Iberostar Grand Rose Hall Jamaica, but if you want to know them all you should visit. There is nothing like experiencing a slice of paradise as opposed to hearing about it from someone else.