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Since all distances in the city of Paris are measured from the center of the Île de la Cité island, it would be a grave mistake if you did not visit it. It is one of the two natural islands that are situated right in the center of the Seine River. Parisians consider it as the heart of their city.

The settlement on this island dates back to as old as the third century BC. Even though there are quite a number of tourist spots that are located on this island, the one that attracts the most tourists is the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

Do not miss visiting this cathedral that was badly damaged during the French Revolution but was later restored by Violet-de-Duc. The Sainte Chapelle is yet another important tourist spot within the island. Thos who are familiar with history will recall that Mary Antoinette waited for her execution in the Conciegerie prison, which is also located on the Île de la Cité.

This island was famous as a place of refuge for the residents of the city when nomadic tribes like the Huns attacked it. The kings of France also lived in this island from the sixth to the fourteenth centuries and for this purpose, a palace was erected on the western end of the island. Tourists can access this island through the Pont Neuf Bridge.