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Literally meaning the `Island of Swans,’ the Île des Cygnes is a small islands in Paris. However, it is not a natural one like the Île de la Cité. According to history, this island was created with the objective of protecting the port of Grenalle.

The natural surroundings never fails to impress visitors with the tree lined “l’Allée des Cygnes” being a special attraction. Do not miss out on the replica of the Statue of Liberty that this island boasts of. This replica is one fifth the size of the original. A point worth noting is that this statue initially faced eastwards, but later on it was rotated to face westwards in the year 1937.

It should not take you too long to cover this island in its entirety since it is just 11 meters at its widest point and its total length is 850 meters. This is perhaps the best place to drench in the sunshine during a sunny day and view at the marvels of nature and humanity.

Those who are interested in visiting this island can do so via the metro with the nearest stations being Bir-Hakeim and Passy. This island is also connected with the mainland via three bridges… the Pont de Bir-Hakeim, the Pont Rouelle, and the Pont de Grenelle.