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Rijeka’s carnival, a month-long party that has been around for the past 100 years, has started. The Carnival features street parties, concerts and contests for the best “ugly mask” leading up to the parade, when floats cram the streets of Rijeka. Traditionally, during the Carnival, the mayor of Rijeka will hand over the keys of the city to the carnival representatives.

Carnival happenings in the city of Rijeka are a particular mixture of the bourgeous carnival, mostly Venician and Austrian and the ancient Slavs’ folclor elements and mythology. Emerging from a hundred year old tradition, the International Rijeka Carnival has recently given to the city of Rijeka and to Croatia a recognizable and impressive happening, which attracts numerous masks and carnival groups, spectators and media, as well as numerous guests from the country and from abroad.

Carnival tradition in this area dates back from antiquity. With the rise of bourgeois society Carnival becomes a traditional form of entertainment, relaxation, reaction to the way of life.

Carnival customs in this area have its roots in the past when according to folks tradition some “ugly masks”making frightening uproar scared away evil powers, calling the spring and celebrating the birth of new life. Zvončari, or bell ringers as we see them today are identical to those who centuries ago protected their land from Turkish invasion. Read more about carnival activities and agenda

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