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Istanbul is one of the most thrilling, exciting and energetic cities in the world. In fact, it is even considered to be the cultural capital of Europe because there are so many things to do in Istanbul. After sunset, Istanbul really comes to life as there is dancing, drinking, live music, shows and much more. Many people book flights to Istanbul to get away from the pressures of everyday life and enjoy some electrifying nightlife, Istanbul is the place to be. Some of the most popular nightlife attractions in the city include:

1. Jazz Café Istanbul: This club, founded in 1982, was one of the first jazz clubs in Turkey. Many famous jazz musicians have performed here, such as Maffy Fallay and Erkan Ogur.

2. Riddim Café & Bar: If you are looking for different types of music Riddim has an excellent variety of Caribbean, African and Latin music. Reggae can also be heard in this venue.

3. Babylon: This nightspot is home to a variety of international rock from well-known world and Latin musicians. Live music is played on most occasions at Babylon, but sometimes, local and international DJs play a mix of decent house, techno and other types of music from around the world.

4. Anjelique: You can enjoy spectacular views of the sea at this popular Istanbul nightclub. This venue is a three story mansion, and the club is situated on the top floor. The atmosphere is vibrant, and you can enjoy all types of cuisine.

Some people visit the club just for cocktails, while others love the music and surroundings.

5. Dulcinea: This large establishment operates as a bar, café and restaurant, and the basement is home to a fascinating art gallery. If you really want an exhilarating nightlife experience, you need to visit Dulcinea on Friday and Saturday nights. DJs play all different types of music for you to enjoy at this very affordable club.

6. Cheers Bar: Tourist can book flights from their hometown and visit this unique bar. You can drink cheap beer or just sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere.

It is a popular destination for backpackers that need to relax.

7. Reina: This is one of the most-visited clubs in the country. Millionaires, celebrities and many other high profile people love to party in his popular club. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Bosphorus Bridge, and the atmosphere is fantastic.

The summer and winter seasons open with an enormous party, and the club is filled will numerous restaurants.

8. The Turkish State Opera and Ballet: The national ballet and opera company in Turkey has numerous performances throughout the year. You can look online or ask around the city to find a list of performances available.

You can find things to do in almost any part of the city. The third largest city in the world will not disappoint when it comes to nightlife, for more information check out this guide to Istanbul.