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Wine is an inevitable part of Istria’s identity, and the wine roads are an organic part of the tourist attractions in the penninsula.

There are presently six wine roads in the Istrian region: in the areas of Buje, Poreč, Buzet, Pazin, Rovinj, Vodnjan and Labin, including 88 itineraries/stations.

Renowned winemakers are involved in the wine road project, striving to present their wines in an appropriate manner. The visitors first see the vineyards, then take a tour of the cellars where they are told about grape processing and wine keeping, and finally taste the products.

Many winemakers grow their own olives and make prosciutto, pickled mushrooms and other products, including them in their offer. Numerous visitors choose to buy wine because it is much cheaper in the cellars than restaurants or stores.

Buzet, Istria

Both winemakers and their guests agree that a wine itinerary can be just as exciting as visiting a museum, a basilica or an important sporting event.

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