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According to legend the Kornati were created when God, having created the Earth, was left with a few stones which he simply tossed over his shoulder.

The result was the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean, with over 140 islands, rocks and reefs, 110 of which form the national park.

Kornati’s cliffs are famous for their extraordinary height – up to 100m above sea level and as much below sea level. The wealth of flora and fauna is considerable, both on land and in the sea.

Kornati islands, Croatia

The striking features of the Kornati landscape are the high cliffs which provide a habitat for the endemic rock vegetation (dubrovačka zečina – Centaurea Ragusina and drvenasta mlječika – a plant form of the Euphorbia family), the relief covered by the rocky pastures of the littoral and with a pronounced stratified geological material.

Over three-quarters of the Park area is made up by sea, and its submarine world is regarded as one of the richest biocenosis in the Adriatic. This is why this section of the sea has been declared a specially protected area which is used exclusively for scientific purposes.

Kornati Islands National Park

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