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Lagos is a small but a famous historic  town on the coast of Algarve, in South Portugal.  While it is world famous for its beauty,  probably it is most famous for its connection with Henry the Navigator and the history of explorations and discoveries.

Today it has a population of about 30,000 and derives its primary revenue from tourism which has replaced the fishing industry since the middle of the twentieth century. Its greatest attractions are the sea, the beaches, the climate, the history and its good restaurants which cater both for those who want an economic holiday and for those who are more extravagant.  Many are drawn to its cultural world of museums and art.

Lagos, Ponta da Piedade beach

It is only a short drive from Faro airport to the centre of Lagos where there are many banks and places where you can use your credit cards or change your foreign or traveller’s cheques for Euro.

The beaches are near and are multiple choice.  You can find the sea calm, or a little swollen if you want it like that.  The area is safe and clean and the Atlantic storms have left some wonderful stone carvings and arches that act as gateways to caves for exploration and for shelter from the sometimes strong winds. If you want to go underwater you can feel the warm Gulf Stream making its way up to the North.

Lagos bay, Beautiful beach of Algarve

Night life is excellent too.  Every taste is catered for in the pubs and clubs.  You can find whatever entertainment you are looking for here, and drink or dance or disco until the small hours of the morning.  Like the local people you will enjoy the night life which really begins at midnight and you have the  option of the “lazy hour” if you get there before midnight when you get double value in drinks for your money. You can party every night in the full restaurants and bars and make new friends with the local inhabitants who are happy to meet with you.

The busiest time is during the months of June, July and August. But you can have a great holiday even outside these times . Because of its geographical position it is comfortable  throughout the entire year and even in the off-season there are many ways of entertaining yourself.

Lagos, Batata beach

It was here that the first African arrived on a Portuguese exploration ship and was put  on show for all the population. Here too was the centre for the marketing and exportation of slaves to the Portuguese and other colonies.