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At Lisbon, the oldest quarter of Alfama kindles the curiosity of the tourist. For tourists who long to get soaked in seaside activities, Algarve quenches the thirst of the beach lovers. With splendorous beaches, Algarve provides endless entertainment for the tourists. Torre de Belem lying on the banks of the river Tagus in Lisbon is a UNESCO site, and the unique monument is not only a virtual treat to the eyes but is also an ample evidence to highlight the historical importance of the region.

If you long to taste some architectural delights of the region, the Igreja de Sao Roque has an exceptionally beautiful interior to dumbfound the visitor. The Gulbenkian Museum is yet another destination that unveils adorable paintings and sculptures. The historic center of Oporto is another of the exciting places that is known for the beautiful olive groves and fertile vineyards. The Convent of Christ found in Tomar that dates back to the medieval times unveils a breathtaking collection of buildings. The Carnival in February is one of the tourist attractions that excites the onlooker, as the boisterous marches and the colorful costumes bring out the festive atmosphere of this momentous occasion.

There is no dearth of opportunities in Portugal, and the very many tourist attractions never fail to amaze the inquisitive tourist.

Lisbon Saint George Castle