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Dubai offers a lifestyle that is simply way beyond what many people could expect to enjoy back in their home countries as shows in latest reports.. With a high standard of living, tax free salaries and overall inexpensive living costs, life in Dubai allows your money to go a lot further than it would back home. Add into this Dubai’s safe living environment, with very low levels of crime, combined with year round sunshine, and its no wonder numerous people are seeking a move to Dubai. With a large array of nightlife and dinning options from which to choose, and all located in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, you will certainly be the envy of your friend and family back home.

Cost of Living
The overall cost of living in Dubai is rising, but still largely represents great value for money. One area that can certainly be said to no longer be value for money is the renting of accommodation. Rent is the largest outgoing by someway for the majority of Dubai’s residents, taking up a large proportion of most workers salaries. However in response to the rising rental prices, the Dubai Government has introduced rental price cap, and thus has been able to slow the rental price rises. Of course the whole problem of renting can be overcome by purchasing your own freehold property, and thus saving yourself large sums of money in the long term.

Food costs remain low when compared to other large cities, with fruits vegetables along with fish and meat all being of particularly good value. Another positive is that supermarkets in Dubai sell an extensive range of products, and thus you can expect to find most the goods sold back home.

Driving in Dubai
Purchasing a car in Dubai is not expensive, and petrol is even better value still. The only downside here is Dubai’s ever increasing traffic. Therefore overall living costs in Dubai are not nearly as expensive as one might initially assume, especially so if rental costs are removed from the equation. And given the life style on offer here, and the fact many companies will provide car and rental allowances, Dubai is a hard place to beat living.

Driving in Dubai is relatively straight forward. For all the countries shown in the table below, it is possible to transfer your international driving license over to a Dubai driving license without the need for any tests or examinations. All you need is a residency visa and to be 18 years or older. However for those not planning on living in Dubai, it is not even necessary to go through this process, you can happily drive on your international license. Those residents thinking of purchasing a car will find the price to be very competitive due to the savings made on tax. You will require your residence visa, passport and driving license, plus photocopies of all in order to avoid any problems during your purchase.

Postal Services
One area where those from the west may find Dubai to be lacking is in regards to postal services. There is no house to house postal delivery service in Dubai, with mail instead being sent to a PO BOX in one of 22 post office locations around Dubai. You can either rent your own PO BOX, or instead have the mail sent to your place of employment which can also accept deliveries. Should you wish to open you own PO BOX, then you will need your residency visa and passport, with two photocopies of each, plus 2 passport sized photos.

Bank Accounts
Opening your own bank account can be a very much worth while endeavor, especially for those planning to stay in Dubai for the long term. You will be able to open a savings account here without the need for a residence visa, although opening a current account will require one. A savings account will entitle you to an ATM card, whilst a saving account also gives you the option to apply for a cheque book or personal loan should you wish.