Split Hostels

As an intraregional transport hub, a Split holiday allows travellers convenient access to explore Croatia’s historical significance, remarkable architecture, and the glorious archipelago of the Adriatic Sea. Visitors flock to this UNESCO World Heritage Site to walk down the cobblestone streets of the city centre to explore the remarkably well preserved ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, …

Captain’s club, Rab

Rab island covers 90.48 square km. It is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic and probably one of the most magical. It is covered with pine forests and has beautiful sandy beaches.It is well known for its mild climate which is different from the mainland. The reason for this is that three ridges are present which protect the island from cold winds from the Velebit mountains. The main resort, Rab Town, is full of medieval buildings, built during the Venetian rule which occurred since the 13th century. The old town walls are still visible in some places. Medieval Rab town, one of the prettiest in the region, is built on a narrow peninsula which encloses a sheltered harbour – stone buildings climb from the harbour to a cliff overlooking the sea.

Osekovo rural tourism

The estate itself can accommodate large groups of visitors, and field education can be organized for school children of all ages. Visitors can come for the day or several days, during which the estate offers an ideal starting point to discover the entire region of Moslavina.

Croatian Lighthouses of the Adriatic

Nowadays some of the Adriatic lighthouses have been renovated, and 11 have been turned into accommodation for tourists fleeing from the overcrowded beaches and searching for a more intimate atmosphere behind the walls of lighthouse buildings. To be in solitude for a couple of days far away from the bustle is the dream of almost any business person, and a stay in the lighthouse suites offers an adventure on Robinsonian tourism next to the azure of the Adriatic.