Computer and Calculator Museum, Rijeka

The people who conceived this museum actually like to say that it is in fact a retro computer club with a permanent exhibition in which those interested can come into contact with the earliest examples of the technological industry.

“Peek and Poke” is the name of the latest tourist attraction in the city of Rijeka. This newly opened museum of computers and calculators is the first of its kind in this part of Europe. Continue reading “Computer and Calculator Museum, Rijeka” »

Velebit caves

Croatia is known for its large number of interesting caves, located in all parts of the country. The Velebit mountain chain hides perhaps the majority of them and, as of this year, tourists will once again be able to take in some of the better known of the Velebit caves – the Cerovac Caves, which have been closed to the public over the past three years.

The underground world of the Karst landscape is to this day for many people still something unknown, mysterious and a little bit frightening. Thanks, however, to research done by geologists, hydrologists, speleologists and biospeleologists the beauty and attraction of caves has for decades now been known to the wider public. Continue reading “Velebit caves” »

Opatija port

In any case, it’s dimensions were already altered by the builder of villa Angiolina, Iginio Scarpa, who wanted to make it suitable for his yacht, and it got its definitive shape during the interventions and expansions executed at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Next to the present-day restaurant Galija (ex Padovan, Jedro) was the one-time customs branch-office, and during the Italians today’s Yachting Club was the canoeist club (Club dei canottieri).

Although the oldest port in Opatija is most probably the small bay (“Porti}”) in front of St. Jacob’s church, the current port (“Mul”) must also be pretty old, since it was already entered in a map made in 1820 under the name of “Porto Herdt,” which is the distorted Italian word for the domestic term for promontory or headland “Rt” (“Zert”). Continue reading “Opatija port” »

Dubrovnik among the most popular European tourist destinations in 2010

Dubrovnik has also recently found itself on another ranking, that of British Airways, which has published its projection for the 10 most popular destinations in 2010. BA founds its projections in global trends, and it has ranked Dubrovnik 6th.

Dubrovnik has recently been ranked 5th in the online evaluation of the 50 most popular European tourist destinations on the coast. The ranking is a result of tourists’ evaluations, who, after visiting Dubrovnik, assessed its 50 hotels with an average mark of  77.88 out of a 100. Continue reading “Dubrovnik among the most popular European tourist destinations in 2010” »

Ravna Gora

Ravna Gora is flanked by the mountain Bjelolasica and the hills Višnjevac and Suhi vrh on one side, and the hills Javorova kosa, Kosica and a number of smaller hills on the other.

In the very centre of Gorski kotar, around 40 kilometres off the coast, surrounded by mountains, there is the town Ravna Gora, attracting more and more visitors each year with its possibilities for active vacation, especially in the winter time. At an average altitude of 800 metres, Ravna Gora is surrounded by areas of untouched nature, clean air and drinkable spring water. It is a paradise for mountaineering enthusiasts, cyclists and all nature lovers. Continue reading “Ravna Gora” »


Krapje, located in an extremely rich hunting and fishing area, which is how it got its name (krap is a name for the fish carp), is framed by the river Sava and rows of houses, of which some are almost 200 years old.

Lonjsko field, one of the largest natural swamp areas in this part of Europe as well as richest in fauna and flora, harbours a pearl of architectural heritage – the village Krapje in the Sava River basin.  Located on the left bank of the River Sava, not far from Jasenovac, it offers inexhaustible possibilities for enjoinment in traditional architecture typical for the mid Posavina region to enthusiasts of historical heritage. This is why in September of 1995, it was proclaimed a village of architectural heritage.  That year, the village was also awarded with the Category A European cultural heritage medal. Continue reading “Krapje” »

Spa Beauty kutak Bristol Hotel, Opatija

The Spa & Beauty kutak in the Bristol Hotel has a fitness facility, a whirlpool, a sauna and steam bath, and a space for relaxation. It offers a wide range of facial and body treatments. A special feature is a possibility of private reservation.

Spa & Beauty kutak (snug) is integrated within the four-star Bristol Hotel, in the very centre of Opatija, only a few minute walk from the sea. The hotel, which was built in 1906, has recently been thoroughly renovated. It has 78 finely fitted rooms and apartments, and 3 halls for meetings able to accommodate up to 150 guests. The hotel also has a Viennese style coffee parlour called Palme, and a lovely terrace. Continue reading “Spa Beauty kutak Bristol Hotel, Opatija” »

Comfort Zone Spa Wellness Aurora Hotel, Mali Lošinj

[ comfort zone ] spa & wellness Aurora covers an area of 1500 m2, and takes up two floors of the Aurora Hotel. A special feature of this wellness facility are treatments with indigenous maritime plants, sea salt and essential oils.

[ comfort zone ] spa & wellness Aurora is housed in the four-star Aurora Hotel which is located in Sunčana uvala (the sunny cove), in an old pine wood, 50 m from the sea and about 2 km of pleasant walk from the centre of Mali Lošinj. Renovated in 2008 the hotel has 392 rooms, a number of catering establishments and a multi-purpose hall for congresses and other types of gatherings. Continue reading “Comfort Zone Spa Wellness Aurora Hotel, Mali Lošinj” »

Comfort Zone Space Bonavia Grand Hotel, Rijeka

[ comfort zone ] space bonavia, which covers an area of 250 m2 of exclusive space, offers relaxation and beauty care treatments, saunas, baths and similar services, treatments and areas for relaxation, and a fitness facility equipped with the best equipment.

[ comfort zone ] space bonavia is a wellness centre within the Bonavia Grand Hotel located in the very centre of Rijeka. The hotel has 121 accommodation units, including 7 apartments, and a superb Kamov restaurant which offers a wide ranging selection of local and international dishes. As a frequent destination of business community and a congress venue, it also has a business centre and several halls for congresses and smaller gatherings. Continue reading “Comfort Zone Space Bonavia Grand Hotel, Rijeka” »


The romantic medieval town of Rovinj, the symbol of which is the church of St. Euphemia, is defined by its narrow and winding streets, 22 tiny isles and islets in the waters along its shores, and the exceptional quality of its tourist services and facilities. Poreč is one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations, but also a town of special atmosphere and historical values.

Blue seas, white stone and the green interior make up the colour scheme of Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia. The blueness of its shoreline is contrasted by the lush greenery of its interior and the tiny, “acropolian” towns which, themselves somewhere between waking and sleeping, erase that thin line that divides the real from the illusion. And turn into your very own story. Continue reading “Istria” »