Travel to Cuba – Travel Destinations in Cuba

Cuba as a Travel Destination

Having visited Cuba on more than five occasions, I have come to appreciate the wide variety of locales that this island country offers. As a Canadian, I have been able to travel to Cuba since the age of 13, when my family and I visited the area of Santiago, near the majestic Sierra Maestra mountain range in the southwest corner of the island. Continue reading “Travel to Cuba – Travel Destinations in Cuba” »

Cuba – A Wealth of Wildlife

The Caribbean is famous for its variety of species of flora and fauna, and Cuba is definitely not behind. The island nation actually has a huge number of attractions to see related to nature. This is inclusive of the smallest hummingbird (also the smallest bird) in the world as well as a frog tinier than a coin, both of which are endemic to Cuba. The bird species here make for any birdwatchers dream come true. This guide to Cuba’s wildlife would be of assistance to travelers to this island wanting to get a sight of the variety of flora and fauna here. Continue reading “Cuba – A Wealth of Wildlife” »