Things to do in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Ok, you’ve bought your ticket and are now settling in for your flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. You are sure to enjoy every moment you spend in the first capital of the Spanish colonies.

There is a lot of history in Santo Domingo. It is home of the Alcazar de Colon, (Columbus Palace). It is here where Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus, lived when he was Spain’s governor. This palace is also known as the first Cathedral in the Americas. Continue reading “Things to do in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic” »

Vacation at Sousa, Dominican Republic

Located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, Sosua features breathtaking views, white sand beaches, rock formations, and luxurious resorts.

Once a small fishing village, Sosua now serves a greater function: it gives me a cool place to go on vacation that will impress my friends and family.

Its reasonable cost and proximity to Puerto Plata and Cabarete make it a centrally located travel destination for tropical lovers. Continue reading “Vacation at Sousa, Dominican Republic” »