One day in Paris

Paris is regarded as one of the most beautiful city in world, the most romantic city and city of dreams for people who love art. Paris has been known as the monumental city, cause there are so many well recognized monuments in this city as compared to other cities in world. Paris is beautiful with its tree shade like boulevards, many romantic bridges which are illuminated by the wrought iron lamps. Continue reading “One day in Paris” »

Things to do in Paris free of charge

Excluding the flight from London to Paris the “City of Lights” can be an expensive place to visit. However, for travellers who are curbing costs due to the current difficult economy, it is possible to spend several days there at little cost. On the Boulevard St. Michel or in front of the Pompidou Centre visitors to the city can enjoy the skills and antics of various street entertainers. Continue reading “Things to do in Paris free of charge” »

Top 5 Worst Attractions in Paris

Paris, also known as the city of love, lights, dreams, and whatever you may think of, is possibly one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the entire world. Nonetheless, as unique and marvelous this destination may be, there are some tourists traps, as with every other location, which you should steer clear of. What should you not do when you’re finally in Paris? Continue reading “Top 5 Worst Attractions in Paris” »


Tourist Attractions in France – The Dream of Everyone

France, among the most popular tourist sites on the planet, has something there for each kind of visitor seen either from the budget point of view or from the likings view. With Paris, Lyon, and Marseille; the country offers a fusion of varied experiences and charms right from the eating to adventurous ones. Not forgetting the scenery, you are sure to be soaked in the raising Alpine peaks at southeast, rocky sea cliffs on Atlantic, and wide beaches in the west. Let me tell you about the tourist attractions in France that I visited during my trip. Continue reading “France” »

Tourist attractions in Loire valley

The Loire valley has taken its name from the greatest river flowing in France and is known throughout the world for its wonderful tourist’s attractions. The Loire is more than a river; it is actually a rich and varied region stretching from The Atlantic coast to the very heart of the country. Val de Loire, which is the section of Loire has many historic and interesting towns built on its banks and is a perfect place to be explored by the visitors. Loire has so many historic associations that no river in the world can match it; it also has a varied landscape which is blessed with plenty of sun and thus has always been fertile.
Loire valley has long been known as the garden of France as the place grows lots of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and is also famous for wine and cheeses. Continue reading “Tourist attractions in Loire valley” »

Top destinations for camping in France

One of the best ways to discover France is to camp out during your holiday. Some of the top destinations for camping in France were Rhone Alps. This is the most popular of France travel destinations and is well recommended in camping circles. It serves as a starting point for several other activities like hiking, water sports, mountain climbing and more. La Brouquere is near a winery in Gondrin. The campsite is equipped with an open patio to lounge on as well as a pool to spend the day in. Continue reading “Top destinations for camping in France” »

Paris tourist attractions

Paris France tourist attractions have some much on offer for the tourist that you will be overwhelmed. There are several Paris tourist attractions most famous of which is of course the Eiffel Tower. This is a global symbol of France and is built on the Champ de Mars. Of course, who can forget the Arc de Triomphe that has been erected to honor those who laid their lives down fighting for France. Continue reading “Paris tourist attractions” »