The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Apart from appearing in millions of photographs and thousands of television commercials, it has been used more directly as an advertising vehicle. From 1925 to 1934 the tower supported billboards for the automaker Citroen.

But the tourist needs no commercial to motivate a visit. The view from the observation platform, especially at dusk, more than exceeds any expectations set by ads. All of Paris twinkles below as the city is illuminated by both the onset of electric lights and the fading sun.

Originally intended as a structure to commemorate the French Revolution, who could’ve guessed that 100 years later The Eiffel Tower would become the symbol of Paris itself?

But, judging by the six million annual visitors and the millions of photographs, that’s what it has become. To date the tower has received over 200 million visitors since its completion in 1889. Continue reading “The Eiffel Tower in Paris” »

Montmartre district in Paris

The word ‘bistro’ comes from the Russian meaning ‘quick’. It was first imported in the early 19th century by Cossack occupiers who wanted to be fed immediately. Everything from frogs legs to Tarte Tatin is served at spots as old as 1793 in the Place du Tertre.

At the Espace Montmartre one can view an original Dali etching and browse to the glares of the staff. The museum houses Dali sculpture, lithographs, drawings and even some furniture pieces.

Montmartre is a fascinating mixture of old and new, seedy and sacred, bizarre and blasé. Within this section of Paris, technically the 18th arrondissement, there is everything from Moulin Rouge and Musée d’Erotisme to the Sacré Coeur Basilica. There are several art shops, a Dali museum and even a winery. Continue reading “Montmartre district in Paris” »

The Louvre, Paris

Within the museum walls are Egyptian sarcophagi, Persian and Greek artifacts, medieval and Renaissance paintings, 19th century classical and Romantic sculptures and a smattering of the latest forms. Some estimates run as high as 100,000 pieces, but in truth no one could know with certainty.

The museum itself is an eclectic collection of styles, the consequence of its many additions and changes over the centuries. Much too large to see in one day, the visitor is well-advised to pick a few favorite periods or countries and focus on them. Naturally, the best strategy is to opt for several visits but that may not be practical for most.

Unquestionably the most famous name in the world of art museums, The Louvre largely deserves its renown. Enormous and filled with irreplaceable treasures from around the world, this premier series of exhibits offers something for everyone.

The building itself is something of an historical and art adventure. The construction of the original structures began as long ago as the 13th century, though the present museum has its origins in efforts of three hundred years later. The existing Château du Louvre, which forms a large portion of the floorspace, was begun in 1546. Continue reading “The Louvre, Paris” »

Popular castles and chateaux to visit in the Loire Valley

Chateau de Chenonceau: Le Chateau des Dames built on a bridge across the river Cher is one of the more beautiful chateaux of the Loire with elegant arches and turrets, and stately avenues bordered by plane trees. It’s beauty is reflected in the waters of the River Cher.

The Loire Valley in France is a splendid area awarded world heritage status because of its amazing chateaux. The kings and queens of France, seduced by the mild climate and the game-filled forests constructed their these incredible Loire Valley castles. They surrounded themselves with the greatest architects and artiests of this era. Continue reading “Popular castles and chateaux to visit in the Loire Valley” »

Chamonix Mont Blanc vacations

Chamonix offers a combination of skiing, old town charm, after ski and shopping, which few resorts can match. There are an enormous array of activities for the visitor enjoy. With an impressive sports and swimming complex, beauty salons, spas, golf, ice rink, cross country skiing, paragliding, husky sledding, guided snowshoeing, cinema, museum, casino and weekly market with fresh local produce;

Nestling in the shadow of Mont Blanc – Europe’s highest mountain at 4807m -Chamonix lives and breathes mountain history. Chamonix has long been hailed as a mecca for climbing and mountaineering with bearded mountain men in de rigour battered alpine gear seen striding around town and regaling unfortunate listeners with tales of leaping crevasses, dodging  rock falls and climbing peaks.

There’s Mont Blanc to be summated, the north face of Les Drus to be tackled  and Les Grands Jorasses to inspire.  Indeed, Chamonix first came to prominence as a summer tourist destination in the 19th century and the first cable car opened  at Le Brevant  for summer walkers. Continue reading “Chamonix Mont Blanc vacations” »

Popular museums in Paris

Musée de la Poupee is a children’s museum you may like. Even if you do not have children, you may enjoy the cluster of beautiful dolls on the displays. The dolls will take you back to the day when life was filled with men and women dressed in traditional attire. During certain months at this museum, Paris gives a Quel Spectacle show. The staff uses the dolls to deliver themed arts show. Inside the museum, you will enjoy fashions, dolls, textile, arts, decorative exhibits and more. Check the Internet for details on dates, times, location and more.

Choosing museums to visit in Paris is not an easy task. Perhaps you want to go online to find day passes, which these passes will take you to and from many of Paris’s museums. Paris has scores of museums. At the museums, you have science, arts, learning centers, military, and so on. To choose museums we can consider a few details. Do you intend to take the children to Paris with you? Continue reading “Popular museums in Paris” »

Cannes vacations

The famous Boulevard de la Croisette, is lined on one side with luxurious hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and shops selling goods at prices to suit the purses of the celebrity promenaders it attracts.

Located on the Riviera in southern France, the city of Cannes is famous all over the world, not only for its film festival but also for the Cannes Lions Festival, which is regarded as the world’s most prestigious festival of advertising. This glitzy, upmarket city has a population of approximately of 70,000 people and its principal source of income is tourism. Continue reading “Cannes vacations” »