One day in Paris

Paris is regarded as one of the most beautiful city in world, the most romantic city and city of dreams for people who love art. Paris has been known as the monumental city, cause there are so many well recognized monuments in this city as compared to other cities in world. Paris is beautiful with its tree shade like boulevards, many romantic bridges which are illuminated by the wrought iron lamps. Continue reading “One day in Paris” »

Things to do in Paris free of charge

Excluding the flight from London to Paris the “City of Lights” can be an expensive place to visit. However, for travellers who are curbing costs due to the current difficult economy, it is possible to spend several days there at little cost. On the Boulevard St. Michel or in front of the Pompidou Centre visitors to the city can enjoy the skills and antics of various street entertainers. Continue reading “Things to do in Paris free of charge” »

Top 5 Worst Attractions in Paris

Paris, also known as the city of love, lights, dreams, and whatever you may think of, is possibly one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the entire world. Nonetheless, as unique and marvelous this destination may be, there are some tourists traps, as with every other location, which you should steer clear of. What should you not do when you’re finally in Paris? Continue reading “Top 5 Worst Attractions in Paris” »

Paris tourist attractions

Paris France tourist attractions have some much on offer for the tourist that you will be overwhelmed. There are several Paris tourist attractions most famous of which is of course the Eiffel Tower. This is a global symbol of France and is built on the Champ de Mars. Of course, who can forget the Arc de Triomphe that has been erected to honor those who laid their lives down fighting for France. Continue reading “Paris tourist attractions” »

More Magic in Paris than Just at Disneyland

For years Disneyland has been a symbol of magic and enjoyment for children all over the world. The mystery and adventure that precedes a trip to the famed resort on the outskirts of Paris usually ensures plenty of disturbed night’s sleep for parents. However, there is more magic to discover in the city that is likely to keep children entertained. Continue reading “More Magic in Paris than Just at Disneyland” »

Paris travel guide

The Eiffel Tower continues to attract thousands daily more than 100 years after its difficult birth. Still one of the tallest structures in France, the three-leveled spire adorned with thousands of lights inspires awe decades after being surpassed in height.

With over 2 million inhabitants, 11 million in the Ile-de-France region overall, Paris is a metropolis second to none. A center of world culture for centuries, it hosts the most up-to-date museums alongside its ancient sites and sights. Continue reading “Paris travel guide” »

Paris city breaks

Paris is just the city that has it all. From its birth on the banks of the Seine in 52 BC as Julius Caesar continued his conquest of Europe, the City of Light has generally commanded a captive audience.

Paris is synonymous with iconic landmarks. There’s absolutely nothing fairly like watching the Eiffel Tower light up on a attractive moonlit night, reaching out to the stars and beyond. Continue reading “Paris city breaks” »

Paris honeymoon vacations

Have you been in the procedure of planning your wedding? If so, you’ll soon reach the honeymoon planning stage. Whenever you do, you might discover yourself leaning towards Paris. Paris France is a superb destination for honeymoons. Following all, it’s generally referred to as the “City of Love.” Continue reading “Paris honeymoon vacations” »