Paris romantic vacations

Perhaps you’ve chosen Paris in recent years as a place to go for your future romantic holiday?  Whether you’re planing a trip to Paris for a special event, like a birthday celebration, honeymoon vacation, wedding anniversary, or maybe simply because, you’ll be happy with your choice to do this.  In fact, there’s a good reason that the City of Paris is called the “City of Love.” Continue reading “Paris romantic vacations” »

Hotels in Paris

So you’re heading to the fashion capital in the world and your predicament is where to lodge for more than a night or two? Get those wrinkles off your foreheads because all you have to do is just breeze through this array of hotels in Paris. As a tourist, you have to get the most out of what you have bargained for. Continue reading “Hotels in Paris” »

Famous cafes in Paris

As Edward King said, “The huge Paris world centers twice, thrice, daily; it is at the café; it gossips; it intrigues at the café; it plots, it dreams, it suffers, it hopes, at the café”.

The Paris cafe was on of the most attributes and important aspects of social life during the 19th century. With the rebuilding of the Right bank by Baron Hausmann in the 1850’s, more than 20,000 cafés came alive and it was on the cafés, and on the café terraces, that everyone met to discuss, and talk the normal and pressing issues of the day. Continue reading “Famous cafes in Paris” »

Paris monuments

Paris is very popular throughout the world for its beauty and the multiplicity of its monuments. It is one of the most photographed places in the world. Some of the monuments of Paris are seen on movies, televisions, and magazines. Each time I see or read anything about Paris, I would always wonder what it feels like to see up close and personal the Eiffel tower. But there are other must-see places in Paris that are worth visiting. There are places that surely have stories to tell like; the churches, palaces, archways, towers, bridges, and fountains are the extraordinary collection of attractions that transport everyone back in time. Continue reading “Paris monuments” »

Shopping in Paris

Paris, France is very famous for its museums and monuments, food, and most definitely shopping. Some would say that Paris without Eiffel would still be good because of good Paris shopping experience. Shopping in Paris is fun because of the variety of products that this city of lights has to offer not only to its local but above all to its tourists.

Paris shopping offers a wide variety of charming shops to go to for your shopping spree; from antique stuffs to food and wine. Practically almost everything can be found in Paris. So, you better prepare your wallet because Paris shopping will take you to the many shops and boutique that you don’t want to leave without having a shopping from each of the stores you have gone into. Continue reading “Shopping in Paris” »

Paris wine tasting

Paris, France is not only known for its magnificent monuments and museums but also they are known to be the foremost producer of the world’s best wines. In 1976, a wine merchant organized a prestigious wine tasting in Paris, which is now popular as Paris Wine tasting 1976 or Judgment of Paris. Continue reading “Paris wine tasting” »

Flight to Paris

No matter what part in the world you belong, there will always be a way for you to visit the City of Lights. The most popular and quickest way to travel to the west coast if you are based on the east hemisphere is the airplane. Credits to the Wright brothers who invented this technology that a lot are continually seeking for measures on how to upgrade the standards. Below is a list of flights to Paris from different crafts originating from their represented country. Continue reading “Flight to Paris” »

Paris weather

There is always an appointed time for everything and your vacation plans to Paris are no exemption to that. You ought to determine the right pace especially that this French metropolis experiences four kinds of season. It is pretty much an advantage to get acquainted with the weather because you might end being sick in a distant land and end up ruining your special trip. Continue reading “Paris weather” »

The Eiffel Tower’s restaurants

For  a magnificent location the restaurant at the tower of Eiffel  is matchless. It is surrounded by an all glass wall that creates a remarkable 360 degree view of the Eiffel tower. You will get a lifetime chance to see the splendid  structure closely something that sets the restaurant apart from other Parisian restaurants. Something worth noting is the fact that it was renamed to 58 Tour Eiffel and that we have another restaurant to make two the number of restaurants next to the tower something that may sound confusing to a first time visitor to this area of Paris. Continue reading “The Eiffel Tower’s restaurants” »