Jammin’ in Jamaica

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bob Marley? Or reggae music? Or just the three colors: red, yellow and green? Well of course, the first thing you are set to scream aloud would be JAMAICA! And Jamaica does have that quality of making you wanna scream its name out loud… considered by most as the chillest place in the world, the nation of Jamaica is also a very popular tourist destination. Continue reading “Jammin’ in Jamaica” »

Jamaica Carnival

Since 15 years, once a year, the pretty island of Jamaica becomes even prettier when the colorful and entertainment features of a typical carnival bump the streets of the capital as well as other cities. Aiming somewhat the same as those of Trinidad, the Jamaica carnival yet has its own flavor to savor. It tends to rock the island for no less then continuous two months, which surely attracts over tens of thousands of tourists and locals alike. Bands, music, dance, events, culinary delicacies, parades, colorful costumes, floats, songs, and parties seem to pull people of all ages and believe me; this one is now a tough competitor of the heart throbbing Rio’s carnival. Continue reading “Jamaica Carnival” »

Jamaican Christmas

Christmas is an occasion for joy and festivity, and wherever it is celebrated, the basic values of love and sharing is promoted. It is an opportunity where in family, friends and acquaintances get together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In the island of Jamaica as well, there is a whole number of unique facets to celebrating Christmas. As Christianity is practiced widely in the island, Jamaican Christmas celebrations have a definite flavor that is Jamaica’s very own. Christmas is celebrated in Jamaica with as much religious fervor and proper respect as any other country, but there is a Jamaican way about celebrating Christmas that is a part of the unique culture. Continue reading “Jamaican Christmas” »