Veracruz – A Hidden Treasure

Veracruz is not a destination that is popularly visited by travelers to Mexico. It is an often neglected destination. However, the state of Veracruz has a huge number of excellent sights on offer that simply makes for a superbly rewarding destination. To top it all off, the state is also not commercialized and touristy like the more popular tourist places, and the tourist hordes have remained delightfully away from here. Continue reading “Veracruz – A Hidden Treasure” »

Touring in Cancun – Must Sees’ around Cancun

OK guys, so you’re sittin’ on that glorious white sandy beach, soaking up the sun, gazing out onto the beautiful turquoise sea – who could blame you for not wanting to move? but you’ll be sorry! Out there, within only an hour’s drive- you have so much adventure just waiting for you to explore! After you explored the best beaches around Cancun check out the must see attractions around Cancun! Continue reading “Touring in Cancun – Must Sees’ around Cancun” »

Mexican Travel Information: Pre-Paid Booking Tips

Most Mexico-bound travelers are always looking to reserve the highest-rated hotel for the least amount of money. To compare rates, travelers can research bidding sites, third-party resellers, fixed-price sites and a Mexican hotel’s direct website. Because collecting reward points is an activity many frequent travelers participate in, those enrolled in reward programs most likely book directly through website.

Once on the website, many Mexican hotels give discounts to program members including those enrolled in AAA, AARP, CAA and the hotel’s rewards program. Because there are a set number of rooms offered for each discounted program, many travelers may find their desired rate program is booked Continue reading “Mexican Travel Information: Pre-Paid Booking Tips” »

Top 5 Mexico Travel Tips

Many people love traveling to Mexico, but they often forget important items that could save them time, money, and major headaches. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you have a nice trip in Mexico and you will enjoy your hotel or resorts when vacationing there: Playa Del Carmen All Inclusive Resorts – Some Of The Best In Mexico

Additional safe travel trips: Continue reading “Top 5 Mexico Travel Tips” »

Best all-inclusive resorts in Mexico

As a first time tourist, finding Mexico’s best all-inclusive resorts can be a pretty daunting task. Most people immediately think of Cancun, and rightfully so, resorts such as Club Med call Cancun home. In Cancun, there are 240 Hotels with 24,000 rooms and 380 restaurants. Cancun is one of the top ten most traveled destinations in the world, it is visited by over four million people a year. Continue reading “Best all-inclusive resorts in Mexico” »

Travel destinations: Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca is where Mexicans go to to see Mexico’, that is what I had heard. I knew it must be a special place as every single Mexican I new would sigh and smile at the mere mention of Oaxaca. Avid travelers in Mexico unanimously named it as one of Mexico’s top destinations, and everyone who had gone proved eager to give me hints on where to go and how long. Continue reading “Travel destinations: Oaxaca, Mexico” »

Interesting facts about Mexico City

Every year Americans head South of the border into Mexico in search of warm, sandy beaches, breathtakingly beautiful resorts, tequila belly shots and an array of other endless activities that have turned Mexico into a Mecca for tourists of all ages and walks of life. Unfortunately though what most tourists fail to see is the real Mexico with its rich cultural history. Continue reading “Interesting facts about Mexico City” »