Top beach vacations in Mexico

Besides the Mayan ruins, Mexico is also well known for its coastal cities as well as islands that ensure top beach vacations in the country. Nor one nor two, there are over seven top destinations in Mexico, which are known for their beach fun. And of course where there are beaches, there will resorts, water adventures, and great restaurants. So, if you are planning a trip, consider both land adventures (hiking to the ruins) and water challenges (sports on and under water). Here are some of the top beach vacations in Mexico. Continue reading “Top beach vacations in Mexico” »

El Cid Castilla Beach Resort

Rose from humble beginnings with a vision to generate jobs and economically develop the Caribbean nation, today El Cid group has a proud presence in Mazatlản, Cozumel and Cancun, the most popular tourist destination cities of Mexico. Unless and until you have a comfortable sleep and your appetite satisfied, you cannot appreciate the marvel of the nature or mankind. But the El Cid Castilla Beach in Mazatlản will ensure that you have a comfortable stay, good food to satisfy your craving and also enjoy the panoramic view of the city known as “Pearl of the Pacific”. Continue reading “El Cid Castilla Beach Resort” »

Luxury vacations in Mexico

Mexico has always been in the list of most preferred holiday destinations of the visitors that range right from the backpackers to families. It is a natural, cultural, adventurous, and archaeological paradise that suits to the varied tastes of the millions of tourists who have made Mexico one of the most visited destinations in the world. And above all, the year-long tropical climate taking care of the azure Pacific waters always offers a pleasant stay no matter which time of the year you come here. Continue reading “Luxury vacations in Mexico” »

Tourist Attractions in Huatulco Mexico

Huatulco in the Mexico is a great attraction for the tourists and the stats show a significant increase in the tourists in past 5 years. This place is becoming a relaxing and pleasant holiday destination. We all know that Mexico is highest visited destination from the people of the USA. Its very famous for its beaches, night life and Latino culture. Continue reading “Tourist Attractions in Huatulco Mexico” »

Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya Resort

Welcome to the ultimate retreat of serenity and rejuvenation! Yes, this is what Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya is all about. Based on the new standards for supreme service, this exotic getaway is captivatingly located by the side of a scenic Yucatan shore offering the guests a fabulous experience of motivation along with awakening while it delivers well-being, opulence, and exceptionality. A chic hideaway on greenly isolated acres, the Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya enclave is certainly the supreme haven where the pure white beach meets the feet of the tropical jungle. Continue reading “Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya Resort” »

Exotic tourist destinations: Cancun

With about 3 million people taking vacation in Cancun annually, it is sure that the city attracts most tourists than other cities in Mexico. Cancun is popular for its incredible beaches, most stunning views, plenty of exciting adventure, activities and access to very old and ancient civilizations as it has as interesting history as the many recent or modern attractions that it offers.

The development of modern day Cancun had not begun until the mid 1970’s when it was decided by a group of Mexican businessmen that Cancun has the potential of being an ideal resort town for Mexico. Continue reading “Exotic tourist destinations: Cancun” »

Top family vacations at Cancun’s family-friendly resorts

Cancun is like a magnet for the travelers who just cannot resist the natural beauty of this Mexican hotspot. Not only for individuals for couples, Cancun is also among the best destinations for holidays for the families. Above all, the real never-rusting magnet is the Hotel Zone of 25 km – a dual waterfront of lagoon on a side, while the ocean on the other surrounding several resorts of which many are luxuriously all inclusive. Besides shopping, dining, and nightlife; these Cancun resorts also offer excursions of one day to the evergreen Mayan Riviera where kids love to see the coral reefs, eco-theme park, Mayan ruins, and more. So, top family vacations on this Mexican island are possible because of this naturally beautiful area. Continue reading “Top family vacations at Cancun’s family-friendly resorts” »

Mexico Vacations: Guides and Information

Todos Santos New Year at Mexico: About 45 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, the Todos Santos seems like a fascinating and magical place when visiting around New Year celebrations. With the great laid-back energy, artsy vibes Todos Santos of Mexico is the heart of this place, which allures numerous of holiday planners every year. Continue reading “Mexico Vacations: Guides and Information” »

Cancun All Inclusive Resorts For A Great Vacation

An all-inclusive vacation is a great choice because they offer such good value. You can eat all you want, drink all you want and there is usually a stunning variety of things to do. You never have to carry around any form of cash as it simply isn’t necessary. You pay one price up front and that covers everything that the resort has to offer. If you are going with children, you do not have to say no to anything. Often it can be a pain to say no, you can’t have another ice cream, etc. but it just isn’t necessary at an all-inclusive resort. The only extras you might purchase would be souvenirs and going on tours in the area.

Cancun all inclusive resortsWhile many places offer all-inclusive deals, one of the most popular places is just south of the border in Mexico. Cancun all inclusive resorts are easy to reach and world renowned. They are in the middle of places to explore like ancient Mayan temples or the jungle where you can take tours and also enjoy the night life of Cancun.

These Cancun all inclusive resorts are great for a weekend with friends or a longer time with the whole family. They come in all shapes and sizes, you just have to decide which resort would be the best for your circumstances. Some resorts are adult only and some welcome families with children. There is truly something for everyone. Continue reading “Cancun All Inclusive Resorts For A Great Vacation” »