Best Caribbean Beaches

The first thing the word ‘Caribbean brings to mind is a white sand beach fringed by waving coconut palms. Yet many Caribbean islands have dark sand beaches, many being relative, since one may say that compared to the Pacific islands, there are not many Caribbean islands. However, be that as it may, some of the most glorious white sand beaches are located in the Caribbean. Continue reading “Best Caribbean Beaches” »

St Lucia Holidays

With a St Lucia Holidays you will witness the tropical island as it rises from the eastern Caribbean Sea, with Martinique to the south and Barbados at its north-west. A St Lucia holiday is a popular honeymoon location with amazing beaches and gorgeous Caribbean sunshine, but there is much more to this island paradise than first meets the eye. There is a wealth of local traditions and crafts as well as awe-inspiring natural landscapes with exotic plants and a rainforest ideal for trekking through. Continue reading “St Lucia Holidays” »

St Lucia Emerald of Caribbean Sea

Sandals Grande St. LucianSt Lucia is Emerald gem rising from the Caribbean Sea, an island that is beautiful and beaches which are gorgeous and sunset which will mesmerize you completely.

St Lucia is definitely for people in love. Ambience itself is so romantic. Look forward to spend some amazing moments together. The island is very famous for giving the perfect setting for having your wedding on beach, theme wedding, and simple wedding. Whatever be your desire you will all get to do in this island. For more about the island visit here: And thereafter your honeymoon on this island is bound to get you head over heels in love again. You may plan your trip here, and even might propose your girlfriend here.

The vibes of love will do all the tricks other than your ring to make her say yes. The mountainous island is glam honeymoon place. Continue reading “St Lucia Emerald of Caribbean Sea” »