Grand Hotel Stockholm

Built in 1874 the Grand Hotel is a Stockholm landmark and lies at the edge of the harbor directly opposite the Royal Palace. It was the original home of the Nobel Prize dinner and to this day Nobel laureates stay at the hotel during the annual ceremony. The gold-crested green columns in the lobby and the original oil paintings decorating the walls give an immediate sense of grandeur.

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Radisson SAS Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm

The Radisson Blu Royal Viking offers an assortment of hotel deals in Stockholm. With the perfect setting for romantic getaways or family vacations, these hotel deals give Stockholm guests access to all the premier amenities of the Radisson Blu Royal Viking, including restaurant, bars and SATS health centre with pool.

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Sweden religious sights

Religion has been a strong influence in creating the modern country of Sweden, a fact acknowledged by choosing Saint Birgitta as patron saint for the European Union. A strong-willed medieval woman who had rather practical and administrative visions from God, a woman who told the pope (and everyone else) what to think and to do, who had eight children before she became a nun and who had travelled abroad – this absolutely not meek and otherworldly saint fascinates, and following in her footsteps gets you to some highly interesting religious sights.

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Stockholm in winter

Stockholm in winter – isn’t that the end of the world? Cold, expensive, nothing to see or to do, and sour and grumpy people in thick overcoats that speak an exotic language nobody civilized understands? While the capital of Sweden certainly is at its best in summer with glittering water, street-side cafés and abundant green areas for walks, it’s not bad during the cold season either.

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Gotland sightseeings

Gotland is the large Swedish island in the Baltic, where you get the feeling you have left Sweden and are in some other place altogether. There is a suggestion of continental Europe in the capital of Visby, with its heavy encircling medieval wall and with the numerous outdoor cafés in summer – the narrow streets and the centuries old pastel colored houses with roses climbing their walls add to the sensation. Just walking about on the cobbled streets and squares of Visby is a delight, and if you want to add some interesting sight-seeing, that too is easily done.

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Museums of Stockholm

Stockholm in cold, grey and wet weather may seem a disaster to the holiday maker, and a disappointment threatening to ruin the vacation. Of course, the usual remedy is the cheerful exhortation to go to a museum, but you may feel even more dismayed by that. Museums are dry, boring and dusty places full of exhibits you don’t want any information about – or aren’t they? Actually, in Stockholm you may find some of the most modern and interactive museums there are, and as for the boring ones you may have to learn how to pick the raisins out of the cake. So let’s see what is on offer! Continue reading “Museums of Stockholm” »

What to do in Örebro

Örebro, the city near the western tip of lake Hjälmaren in the region of Närke,  is  number six in size in Sweden with about 100.000 inhabitants. Swedish cities may be small by European (or international) standards, but they are packed with interesting things to see and to do – and Örebro is no exception.

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Stockholm Tourist Guide

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. It is renowned for being one of the most attractive cities in Europe, largely due to its location that spreads over a number of islands. Generally, tourists visit the city to enjoy its laid-back atmosphere and its impressive museums and historical buildings.

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