Holiday in Scandinavia: Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki

Lands of fjords and the midnight sun, Scandinavia is a realm where ancient sagas spring to life, stave churches cling to hills on forlorn shorelines, and the legacy of the Vikings still lingers.

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Top ten Sweden travel destinations

The choice of where to go and what to see when planning a holiday in Sweden can be a real problem – but a nice one, as there is so much to choose from.  Perhaps a list of some really interesting places might help you?  Stockholm of course is a given – you wouldn’t like to miss out on a capital built on islands amidst glittering (and nowadays very clean) water, with the old town, the royal castle, the metro stations decorated with contemporary art and the city hall with its gold mosaics by Einar Forseth. But where else could you go?

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Archaeological sites in Sweden

Choosing between the archaeological sites of Sweden is not done in the blink of an eye – there is hardly a place that doesn’t boast of some remains from the Vikings and their predecessors, or maybe some medieval ruins, a grave mound or two, a runic stone, a Stone Age tomb, or if the worst comes to worst an iron making facility from the early industrial age. But be easy: here are some top sites you should try to see if you’re in the general area.

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The national parks of Sweden

Planning to experience a close encounter with untouched nature and wildlife while hiking in Sweden? Wanting to sleep under the stars or in a secluded cabin deep in the woods, feeling like a time traveler to epochs long gone by? Or wanting a reminder of the fantastic diversity of the natural environment we should do all in our power to conserve for coming generations?

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Visit to Uppsala

visit to Uppsala is a visit to the intellectual heritage of Sweden, where you may visit the oldest university building in the country. The building is called the Gustavianum after king Gustavus II Adolphus who contributed a lot of funds, and built in the 1620’s to replace an even older university founded in 1477.

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Sweden spa resorts

A spa-experience is the perfect way both to relax and to feel intensely alive, taking care of both body and soul.  Since everybody today seems to look for relieve from stress and unhealthy living, the spa-word has become a very popular marketing trick and “spa” is used to describe almost everything from a modest beauty parlor with manicure to a gym establishment with a bubble pool, a few lounge chairs and a sauna. So, if you want a genuine spa experience during your Sweden holiday you had better check out what you’ll get for your money before you book.  Use the Internet and browse the websites listed on, for instance.  You’ll be left with a rich choice – but what will suit you best and give you an experience to remember?  That depends on the type of person you are – find your type and your spa will follow! Continue reading “Sweden spa resorts” »

Sweden ski resorts

Skiing in Sweden has plenty to offer aside from the famous ski resorts in the mountains of the north. If you are looking for a combined outdoors and sightseeing holiday, if you think ski slopes are nice, but not your only passion in life, you could actually be content to stop in the middle region of Sweden – getting the benefits of interesting places to visit and other sports to pursue, not to mention people that actually live in the place, not only cater to tourists. Continue reading “Sweden ski resorts” »