Best Caribbean Beaches

The first thing the word ‘Caribbean brings to mind is a white sand beach fringed by waving coconut palms. Yet many Caribbean islands have dark sand beaches, many being relative, since one may say that compared to the Pacific islands, there are not many Caribbean islands. However, be that as it may, some of the most glorious white sand beaches are located in the Caribbean. Continue reading “Best Caribbean Beaches” »

Caribbean Resorts: Trinidad and Tobago

Pigeon Point TobagoTrinidad Tobago is a lovely vacation destinations peacefully lying between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela’s seashore. The islands have mild and warm tropical weather with a distinct rainy season from June to December. More information on Caribbean resorts at Trinidad Tobago and their opulent history, culture, natural beauties and stunning beaches, as well as the extensive vacation activities, are said to offer matchless experiences all year round. The local people in Trinidad Tobago are smiling and jolly, and they always find a reason to celebrate. Continue reading “Caribbean Resorts: Trinidad and Tobago” »