Manchester’s Best Hotels

Manchester is a bustling city known for its lively sporting culture. It is for this same reason why the city is a common spot for travel. Thousands of people, locals and foreigners alike fill the city each year all for the sake of experiencing the thrills of football matches and other sporting events.
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Where to stay in London

Planning a long weekend in London? If you’re not familiar with the Big Smoke, then the process of booking accommodation can be confusing. Should you plump for the up-market west or the funky east? Is north better than south? Which neighbourhoods are the most inviting, and which are best avoided? If you’re struggling to find a great place to stay, then here are a few suggestions. Continue reading “Where to stay in London” »

Dartmoor National Park

Just a few miles inwards from the South Devon Coast is the ancient Dartmoor National Park. It covers an area of 368 square miles and offers visitors a mix of superb scenery and legendary history. Dartmoor also has one of the most prominent moors to be found anywhere in Britain.

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Group weekends in London – Cover lots of ground on a budget

When you’re planning a trip to the capital, first, figure out exactly what you’d all like to do on your group get-together. Even if you’re on a budget, you’d be surprised at just how many activities are available in London if you do the research. Decide how many people you want to go with and who they’ll be. Be open to suggestions too.

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Shopping in Cardiff

The centre of the city is famous as one of Britain’s largest and most interesting regional shopping centres, but outside the city centre also has a lot to offer. You can find anything from clothes shops to butcher shops or from grocers to bookshops.If you are looking for a fun shopping day out, the city of Cardiff is the best place to go.

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