What to Do In Vienna in 24 Hours

Albeit Vienna begs for an extended stay, a short visit of 24 hours can account for the perfect introduction into the unique atmosphere of the city. The capital has earned the reputation of being an epicenter of culture, art, and good music, while the far-reaching, unique traditions being interwoven with the current, modern cultural scene. Vienna is a treat for the eager traveler. Follow our lead, if you wish to experience the city in 24 hours. Continue reading “What to Do In Vienna in 24 Hours” »

Living on Koh Samui

Residential opportunities began to expand soon after tourism took hold on Koh Samui. The island offers an attractive lifestyle change for many people as it combines the advantages of a tropical retreat with most of the amenities and services people in the West have come to rely on. Prices are higher than they are on the mainland, but still affordable when compared to other similar islands in the region. Continue reading “Living on Koh Samui” »

Your Best Day Ever: The Day Before a Vacation

Expert travelers have their pre-travel routine down to an art.  From packing the perfect suitcase to preparing your home for your time away, you can follow the advice of experienced travelers as you prepare for a next-day departure.  This fifteen-hour schedule covers everything that you need to do before you leave, and includes enough flexibility to accommodate any last-minute crises.  For best results, print off this list and check off each task as you complete it.  Continue reading “Your Best Day Ever: The Day Before a Vacation” »

Can I Visit Vienna On A Budget?

As with many other big cities in Europe, you may fear that visiting Vienna will put some serious pressure on your finances. This does not have to be the case, however, as there are plenty of attractions to be found even by those looking to spend as little as possible. Before we look into the best activities to do on a budget, we will look into a common question that we see from those planning their trip. Continue reading “Can I Visit Vienna On A Budget?” »

Top 5 Festivals in Vienna

First and foremost, Vienna is highly recognized as a top cultural destination, not only because of the conglomeration of fantastic architectural masterpieces but due to the variety of events one can participate in. Hence, if you wish to experience the cultural side of this European capital, you should unquestionably consider taking part in one of the following festivals. Continue reading “Top 5 Festivals in Vienna” »

Top Destinations for Kids in Vienna

Vienna has long since been recognized as one of the most important cultural cities in the world. But regardless of how Vienna may seem as a historical center full of classical music, art, opera and the very popular schnapps, those are things that kids generally yawn at. However, there are still some pretty interesting places that will both educate and entertain your kid during your visit. Continue reading “Top Destinations for Kids in Vienna” »

Trip to Meteora

Greece is not only the islands and the white marble of classical monuments, and if you wish for an adventure nothing could be better than taking the small narrow gauge train inland from the coastal city of Volos to the Meteora monasteries, high on stone pinnacles left over when the softer ground eroded. Meteora means “in the middle of the sky” and that is exactly where these medieval churches and cloisters are situated. Continue reading “Trip to Meteora” »

Kekova: Turkish island of sunken ruins

Standing on the waters of the Mediterranean, Kekova refers to a small, but awesome island at Turkey, which is situated close to the Antalya’s Kas district. For those who are looking forward for a heavenly trip that features a great mix of pleasant sunshine, charming underwater ruins, and swimming; a visit to the Kekova Island as well as to the nearby Kale (olden Simena) town is a must in lifetime. Continue reading “Kekova: Turkish island of sunken ruins” »