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Lofoten islands in Norway – this is an amazing scenery, excellent sea fishing, small fishing villages, whale safari in winter and midnight sun in summer and white sandy beaches and clear water of emerald color. National Geographic Magazine awarded Lofoten Islands in Norway the third place in attractiveness among the islands of the world.

Grampus Safari

Every autumn the herring and Grampus swim to Tyus-fjord and West-fjord to spend the winter. Killer whale safari is organized in the period from mid-October to mid-January on large passenger ships and rubber boats.

This is an unforgettable adventure and an excellent opportunity to watch the killer whales in their natural environment in the immediate vicinity.

Lofoten is known for its well-preserved traditional fishing norway villages, great museums of the Vikings and excellent conditions for diving.

Lofoten Islands archipelago

Lofoten Islands in Norway – is an archipelago located in the northwest of Norway, the Arctic Circle, at 67 ° -68 ° north latitude. In the archipelago consists of seven main islands: Austvogey, GIFT, Vestvogey, Flakstadey, Moskenesey, Verey and Rest.

Getting to Lofoten islands

Throughout the year, it is made flights from the airport Oslo to airport Evenes in Narvik (Norway). The flight duration about 1,5 hours. You can also get to Narvik (Norway) by train from Stockholm and Gothenburg (Sweden). Tours are carried all over the year.

From Narvik to Lofoten Islands

Narvik is linked by air with 3 airports in Lofoten archipelago. You can get a bus from Narvik to Svolvera. The journey takes about 2,5 hours. Public buses go every day.

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