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Are you in the middle of planning your wedding?  Although the ceremony and reception may take center stage, you will need to start planning your honeymoon soon.  If you have yet to decide on a destination, consider London England.  After all, what wouldn’t be romantic about an overseas honeymoon? If you have selected London, England as your next honeymoon destination, have you traveled there before?  If not, continue reading on for a few helpful planning and preparation tips.

Wedding Tower Bridge, London

If you are traveling to England from the United States, a valid passport is needed.  In fact, it is required.  To enter the country, you and your new spouse must have valid passports.  If you do not already, order them as soon as possible.  It can take up to one or two months for your passport to arrive.  Do not wait until the last minute, as your dream honeymoon may suddenly become a nightmare.

Next, you will need to make your airline reservations.  To save the most money, book your flight well in advance of your date of travel.  This allows you to find the best deals, as well as have more flight options.  In terms of saving money, use the internet to research and compare flights.  Overnight flights are popular.  When traveling from the West Coast or the Midwest, limit your layovers and their time.  This will help to keep your honeymoon romantic and exciting, as nothing can spoil a honeymoon quicker than a four hour wait at the airport.

Once your travel dates and airline reservations are set, you can make your hotel reservations.  When researching hotels and availability, you may recognize some familiar names.  London is home to the Marriott, Hilton, and Holiday Inn brands.  Some Americans opt for these hotels out of familiarity.  This is okay to do, especially if honeymooning on a budget, but do not miss out.  Paris is filled with many five star hotels.  Some of the popular hotels, such as the Horseguards and One Aldwych, appear as if they are straight out of a fairytale, due to their castle-like appearance.  It is something you may find romantic.

In keeping with choosing a London hotel, it is important to look for hotels that cater to those seeking romance.  These are hotels that offer room service, have private balconies and fireplaces.  Other popular amenities include an onsite spa, health club, and fine dining restaurants.

The final step for preparing for your London honeymoon is that of researching nearby attractions and activities.  Yes, it is nice to be spontaneous, but in doing so you may miss out on something great.  Don’t return home and realize all that you could have seen and done while honeymooning in London.  Research now.

When researching things to do and see in London, look for attractions that appear to be romantic in nature.  For example, the London Eye is a 443 foot Ferris wheel.  A visit to this attraction in the evening will result in a spectacular view, which will include 25 miles of a well-lit city.  At the same time, never let the outside appearance of historical landmarks and museums deceive you.  It is possible for you to turn a visit to the Houses of Parliament or just about anything else into a romantic adventure.  All you need is a positive attitude, creativity, and a little bit of romance.

When packing for your trip, don’t forget the camera or your lingerie.  The many sites and landmarks of London are ones that you will want to document and treasure for years to come.  As for your lingerie, those same landmarks will spark romance, so make the best of it when returning to your hotel.

By carefully implementing the above mentioned steps, your honeymoon will be exactly as you dreamt.  What could be better than a dream honeymoon?  There is no better way to end the perfect wedding ceremony than with a honeymoon in London.

Wedding Tower Bridge, London photo by Christine Matthews