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London is one of the busiest and most populated cities in the world but the London Transport compensates for the density of the riding public. Three forms of public transport exist in London: the buses (which recently are not exclusively red anymore), the underground (which the Londoners call the “Tube”, basically is a subway system), and the on-the-ground railway systems, which the Brits call the British Rail.

Red double decker London bus

Riding on the London Transport is a different kind of experience since the city is sprawled with edifices representing medieval architecture, which provide a vintage atmosphere. London for the locals could mean two cities: the City of London and the City of Westminster. The former serves as the capital of England geographically and financially speaking. However, in recent years, the economic boom has stretched including the Canary Wharf.

The airports are in easily accessed locations from the city hub on London transport by road or on public transport. Airports in London are: City Airport, Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, Luton Airport, and Stansted Airport.

The buses in London are being operated by several private companies, which ply on routes assigned by and under the regulation of the Transport of London (TfL). Specifically, London Buses currently manages the bus operations. The bus network in London is considered one of the largest and most far-reaching urban system of transport in the world. In each day of the week (excluding weekends), more than 6,800 buses ply to 700 routes in their respective schedules servicing around six million passengers. As the main mode of London transport, the bus network responds to the city’s shifting needs and growth.

Another mode of London transport is by coach. It’s a more affordable way of traveling all over the country. There are several coach companies that provide regular coach services in London some of which are: AirLinks, Berry’s Coaches, Green Line, Oxford Bus, etc. If you are looking for leisure coach services, these companies can provide that: Battersby Silver Grey, Diamond Holidays, Eagles Coaches, Lakeland Horizons, and many more.

Railway transits are also common modes of London transport. Presently, two companies operate the railway systems within the area of Greater London. The Croydon Tramlink is serving some destination in South London while the Docklands Light Railway provides train services (driverless) in East London.

When London bridge is falling down or when traffic congestion gets out of hand, the London transport via river is a good option. Ferries and cruisers offer transport services to alleviate the urban traffic congestion. Train services, meanwhile, operate to/from or within London. This includes the underground railway system the locals call the Tube – all passing by the key districts.