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Lonjsko Polje is a flood area situated alongside the River Sava, where the following forest communities are found: common oak and hornbeam on elevated positions; on lower ground, common oak with common barberry, and common oak with ground ash; in the depressions there are forests of ground ash with snowflake, of alder, of aspen and willow.

The variety and wealth of the plant and animal worlds is linked to forests, marshy meadows and pasture land. Due to its rich ornithofauna Lonjsko polje has been registered among the protected European areas, in accordance with the Ramsar Convention.

Within the Range is the Krapje-Đol ornithological reserve, known for spoonbill nesting grounds of the spoonbill (Platalea leucordia), egrets and other marsh birds, there is also the Rakita nature reserve.

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

This area is also interesting for its fine examples of old, wooden residential architecture and for a number of indigenous breeds of domestic animals (horses, pigs, hound dogs and the Croatian sheep dog).
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