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Property costs are skyrocketing in recent times and many find it difficult to buy their first property. It is easier to rent than to buy as the property prices are expensive in Malaysia and for most of the young workforce, condo apartment rentals are considered to be the best option as they offer luxury at affordable prices. This is quite evident with the development of a large number of condominiums rising up in various cities of Malaysia.

As most buyers are not well informed and only a handful of them are aware of what is a right price to buy a property to put them up for rent, Our points listed below should help you on your purchase decisions before you start to look out for condos for rent in Malaysia.

Malaysia condos

Alluring exterior:

An exterior that has a mix of both extravagance and classic frameworks providing a sense of positivity. In case if you are not aware of classic designs or if you are a first-time buyer, envision how your buyer will think when you plan on selling it off later. Good and attractive exteriors play a significant role in selecting condos.

Grand entrance and hall:

Great appearances are a must. Top selling condos are not the only ones that give significance for an excellent entrance and hall. These days, everyone wishes to live in a king size condo and the grand entrance or a hallway gives that look which the condos that were built a few years back did not offer.

Brilliant parking area:

The parking area should have been designed properly. Few condominiums have multi-level parking spaces. This can be quite tedious and time consuming for the drivers to manoeuver through the parking. A parking space at the basement is most ideal and should have sufficient space to reverse, turn and move. It is essential to have adequate lighting arrangements in the parking areas. The parking space should make the residents feel safe and secure to even walk around at night.

Malaysia condo rentals

Luxurious lobby and elevators:

If you find the elevator to be unsafe, there are chances that you may lose the prospective renters that come inspecting your condo. While most developers stick to standard elevator designs, a well-structured one would give a sense of comfort and luxury even before they step on to your condo. They should be well maintained and spacious for a large number of people to use at the same time. The entryway where the occupants have to wait for the lift is also of equivalent significance and should have been designed with aesthetics and luxury in mind.

Large open areas and facilities:

When the condos have large areas, their potential to appreciate in value over the years is huge.  Condominium areas are normally considered as small spaces but bigger condos are always the first ones to get rented out.

Maintenance facilities:

While purchasing a condo for rent in Malaysia, many prefer to go for lower level condo units that have zero to low maintenance charges. So, always try to buy a condo that’s low on maintenance so that you can rent them out soon after you buy.

As listed above, a large condo with less maintenance that comes with an ample parking space is always an ideal choice to buy in Malaysia so you can rent them out without any hassles