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What is your formula for a perfect vacation? Miles upon miles of palm trees, water crushing at the feet of sun kissed beaches ideal for sun bathing and many sea related activities with a perfect blend of charms of art galleries, elegant building and the unmistakeable cathedral, rocking nightlife, buzzing shopping area; what else can one ask for? Mazatlan is a grandiose city located in the northwest of Mexico. Mazatlan means the land of deer. It is a perfect tourist destination as you can enjoy scuba diving, bottom fishing, deep sea fishing and snorkelling.

The sightseeing begins with the tour to Plaza Machdo. Though initially constructed by wealthy and rich to show off their money, now boasts of marvellous architecture bearing French and Spanish influence. This place brings back an era as to how the rich and wealthy lived an extravaganza life style.

A great place to relax, eat and drink, it also offers some spectacular sightseeing like Chic cafe, art galleries and the Angela Peralta Theatre. This restored theatre now regularly sees musical performances by well known artists. The interiors are truly stunning.

The fine art museum in the restored Mazatlan Centro Historico building is one of the most delightful must-see, of Mazatlan tourist attractions. The museum not only houses the works of local artists but artists from all over Mexico. One more of such archaeological museum the Museo Arqueologico displays cases of human and animal figures, pre Hispanic burial artifacts and tokens and ancient polychrome pottery from pre-Hispanic Sinaloa. The Mazatlan Malecon is 13 miles long; one of the longest in the world is a wonderful place for people watching. The Malecon has been host to many important events, like the Pacific Great Marathon, Mazatlan Biking Tour and International Motorcycle week. And how can one forget the carnival, Yes the Malecon also hosts the modern Mazatlan Carnival, the third largest Carnival celebration in the world. You will also enjoy amazing sunsets and spectacular beach views. Along the Malecon you will find shops, banks, discos, bars, restaurants and bars. Or you can just take a stress reducing walk along Malecon.

The Cliff diving experience here will be one of its own kinds. The Mazatlan cliff divers jump twice a day from the rocky cliffs into the waters of Playa Olas Altas beach. The Acuario Mazatlan is another popular sightseeing attraction. The museum features the beautiful sea life just off the coast. It is a great place to make the children learn about the secrets of the ocean. In addition to sea life, a lovely botanical garden and a small zoo welcome the tourists. Mazatlan is also famous for its El Faro Lighthouse which is the highest lighthouse in America and second highest operating lighthouse in the world after Spain. The visitors apart from appreciating the artistically built, they also climb it to have a majestic view of the entire city.

The central cathedral is beautifully built and stands testimony to the skills of the artists of those times. The ambience is so peaceful and magnetic that you will feel close to the almighty. Shopping in the Mazatlan central market will be an experience in its own. Fresh seafood, chicken, beef, pork, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese vendors; you will get everything here. Apart from food you can also buy T-shirts, hats and souvenirs too.